You're not crazy. You just care.

You're not crazy. You just care.

We were at a local coffee shop and we were talking about life...And I was telling her about some things that I've been working through. Things that, really, I've been grieving through. Not praying, not seeking through. But shaking my fist up at God through. That kind of working through. I told her I didn't want to hear anyone else's thoughts on what I believed. Told her. . .

Stop & do the wild thing


Had wanted to write lots of fluffy, funny, filling words for you. . .but every syllable I typed felt forced and forged. So I figured:







What's the stop & what's the wild thing?


For me? Plain & simple: I need to stop avoiding my times of journaling, reading my Bible and praying. Long story short, I've avoided doing these intimate things because I've been scared to face my own heart.

Jesus Christ has always been my wild thing; has always been the wonder, the adventure, the root that's kept me grounded and, yet, free. And I miss that. I miss Him. And I WILL stop running away and I WILL do the wild thing of pursuing His untamable mysteries.


And you? I do enough talking & typing around here. It's you I want to hear—your words I want to see on this screen, these pages. 


Crack your heart, split it wide and make it LOUD right here in the comments. What is one thing you need to stop doing in order to be able to START doing the wild thing you know your soul is craving?