Happy going out into the world


senior portraits
charlotte, north carolina



She's the kind of girl that'll wear red Converse with a red dress, all the while sporting a pixie cut and a homemade Captain America shield. She's a little bit grunge and a little bit grace—a little bit bashful and a little bit bold.



Her name is Lily Rose and she lives up to all the meaning of the name:

fair, pure, blossoming flower. 



She's the kind of girl to bury her nose deep within the bindings of books: studying, learning, taking-it-in, grasping—seeing through to worlds that exist beyond her own. Loving, even, the worlds that exist beyond her own.



She dreams of being in mission: learning from others & loving on them, all in the name of God's good grace. She is confidence and compassion, all in one take. And, someday, her smile will tell the story of the joy that is within her.


It was pure magic capturing you, Lily Rose.

Happy High School Graduation


Happy Going Out Into The World

to learn it & love it.

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