M Y  S T O R Y

. . .

I BEGAN just as every story begins. A wailing babe, fumbling out of darkness and into grace. 

And my story reads like a rising sunrise that grazes over hills. The kind you admire from the corners of windows while cupping brew between the hands. It's like the setting of a good plot. The kind that's just getting started. The kind that folds from lengthy prologues into thirteen chapters, deep in conflict, thick with pain.

I REMEMBER why I first began; why the thought of ink + paper even intrigued my artless heart. I needed someplace to heal, someplace to lay my brokenness down. A safe place. A storm-less anchorage. A way to put off my pain. So I picked up the pen, scribbled my heart between thin lines on blank pages and I've been living & writing ever since. This blog, this dwelling, this is my diary. This is the place where my jumbled brain makes sense of the chasing and the falling and the failing and the flying and the living and the loving and the breathing and the b e i n g.

I HOPE you like it here. And I hope you stay a while. . .

M Y  B I O

. . . 

A graduate of Nyack College [Nyack, New York], Rachel Marie Kang studied English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Serving as Editor-in-Chief for the Nyack College newspaper, interning with Natural Awakenings magazine as a publisher's assistant just outside New York City, embarking upon the craft of storytelling through songwriting, and founding She Plays [formerly The Playpen], Rachel established her foundation as both a technical and creative writer.

Entering the realm of blogging in 2011, Rachel began to write to and mentor women across the United States, as well as internationally. She founded She Chases [formerly Chasing Kite Tails], a community dedicated to encouraging women in the pursuit of their dreams. In 2013, Rachel released her debut children's book, The Good Friend, in partnership with MyFairyTaleBooks.  

A native New Yorker, now living in Charlotte, Rachel remains passionately involved within her community. Extending her heart and her creativity towards encouraging and empowering women, Rachel hosts She Plays, a weekly gathering for a night of fun, fellowship, and journaling at The Hope House Foundation. She also strives to advocate for the women in Charlotte impacted by Redeeming Joy and Fashion & Compassion.

In 2016, Rachel launched Rachel Kang Writing Co., offering professional writing and editing services, as well as one-on-one coaching for writers who want to be more than wannabe writers. Among her many projects, she is thankful for the opportunity to have edited She, a devotional for women, written by writer and singer-songwriter, Morgan Harper Nichols.