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Hello, hello! My name is Rachel, and I am a writer and the creator of Indelible Ink Writers—an online writing community. I have a soft-spot for messy narratives and struggling characters. But, then again, that’s all of us, isn’t it? Read my story for all the deep secrets and gut-honest confessions behind who I am. Then, pretty please with a cherry on top, tell me yours sometime.


my heartbeat is to:

Unearth yours.

All the good, and all the gold. All the hard, and all the hurt. All the broken, and all the beautiful. It’s time to let your stories rise to the surface. So do it. Pen in hand, you’ll write your way through it all. And as you write, you’ll heal. You’ll reveal the beauty that has always been deep within. You’ll create something lasting, enduring, and indelible.



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We’re making marks.

We’re making actual, virtual, indelible marks with our words. Every post and every poem that comes from our prompts can be seen using our hashtag, #indelibleinkwriters. Check us out. Track the hashtag. Read the posts & the poems. Follow us. Then join and write with us.

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To invite and excite women, and men, towards soulful release & artful expression.

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may 2019

When I was invited into this community of ordinary writers doing extraordinary work, it re-ignited a passion that I had long since buried…Rachel is just an uncommon find. Her gift for writing and spurring others on to let out the words that are burning in their souls is completely unique and valuable. I'm seriously indebted to her for encouraging and validating me as a writer when I needed it.

Christina Alyce,
Member of Indelible Ink Writers



Your words are welcome.

There is space for your story.

You’re brain is not too broken to create beautiful things.

You can be black and be creative, too.

It’s not too late.


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